Automotive Electronics:

Taxi Meter Solutions
Mobisat is dealing with the Digitax over a decade for the taximeter solutions. For over 35 years, Digitax Automotive Electronics is the worldwide leader in automotive computing through the design, production and marketing of on board devices for vehicles aimed for commercial, public and professional transport of people and goods; at the moment its products can be divided in the following sectors:
  • Info mobility solutions
  • Mobile data terminal
  • Telematic black boxes
  • Taximeters and on board peripherals
The application in which Digitax Automotive Electronics solution and devices are concerned are the most varies application sector, such as the Public Transport, Multiservices, Taxis, Emergency and Aid vehicles, Police, Rail Transport and Commercial Vehicles.

Roof Light
The roof sign has been developed particularly with regard to the permanently growing demands on modern vehicle design.
  • Perfect aerodynamic design
  • Various possibilities of mounting
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Three-dimensional curvature of the front Seat Sensor
  • Front seat passenger detection
  • Rear seat passenger detection
  • Switch on taximeter automatically when passenger is on board
  • Special trip recording (special trip distance counter or evaluation via Cab Assistant)
  • Simple mounting, flexible cable
  • Small dimensions, extensive reach
  • Inured to dust and dirt.
  • No separate control box, direct connection to the taximeter.
GPS Tracking Systems:
We carry a unique selection of GPS tracking equipment. Keep track of the employees or children with these GPS trackers and GPS loggers. Our GPS tracker devices affordably manage the company's vehicles, protect business and personal property, monitor/locate the assets, and even keep a vigilant watch over a teen driver.