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We provide CCTV installation for 24/7 surveillance, high-level security, and remote monitoring to keep your residence and business secure. We also plan and locate the best positions for CCTV cameras before installation. Our experts will also check remote monitoring systems to ensure they are working properly which you can see over the internet in real-time or on your smartphone.
CCTV Security camera installation is one of the finest ways to make sure your business and residence are protected. Security surveillance systems have been widely accepted by companies and residents with the stated goal of reducing the illicit activities happening around them. With this in mind, we are working to provide the best CCTV Camera installation services in UAE. Considered among the leading CCTV companies in UAE, we at Mobisat offer a comprehensive suite of packages to help you protect your business.

CCTV Camera Installation

Mobisat provides CCTV camera installation in UAE. Experience in installing CCTV systems at a variety of sites. These include hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, offices, shops, schools, warehouses, factories, and residential & commercial buildings.
Security and Surveillance Systems Installation and Maintenance
As CCTV company, we fully understand the CCTV requirements for different types of businesses. Our CCTV installation experience helps us in giving the right solution to our customers. As a result, the SIRA audit inspection for our customers gets approved quicker than for most other companies.
We have an excellent reputation in the market, due to our superb technical support. Our customers consider us as of the best CCTV camera installation and maintenance companies in UAE.

CCTV Installation Services

1. Indoor and outdoor Cameras (IP camera)
2. Security cameras (day & night)
3. Wireless camera for surveillance
4. Network Camera
5. Dome Camera
6. HD CCTV Camera
7. Bullet Camera
8. Pan-tilt-zoom security camera
9. Mini camera

Benefits of CCTV Installation

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Expert CCTV Installation and Maintenance Services in UAE for Comprehensive Security and Surveillance with Mobisat

As the best IT solutions company UAE we only use state-of-the-art CCTV Cameras available, and we will do more than just provide the best solution for your situation. We will ensure that your surveillance security cameras are also positioned and installed properly to ensure your protection Whether you need a wireless outdoor security CCTV camera to mount outdoors, or an indoor variety to monitor and manage activity in your office, we can install it for you.