Lisys RFID - Linen & Asset Management

RFID is a technology that identifies objects using low power radio frequency technology. The Lisys RFID basically has been designed to incorporate the latest RFID technology to most efficiently managed linen for the hospitality and health care management. This system is all about Lisys, Linen and Asset management system.

Lisys RFID saves costs in four primary ways:

* Reduction of lost linen.
* Reduction in purchasing.
* Labor reduction.
* Vendor accountability.

With the use of RFID technology the hotel will get facilitated with most effective linen management system. This system will manage fantastically the linen inventory, linen storerooms and is able to track automatically the hotel laundry services. The virtual asset management ecosystem consists of smart RFID linen tracking, RFID readers (mobile or fixed) and Management Information System.

Linen & Asset management system:

* Manage linen inventory.
* Automatically track laundry service activity.
* Efficiently manage Linen storerooms.

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