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Biometric Access Control System UAE

A biometric access control system is a necessity for businesses in UAE that wish to provide a safe and secure environment for their workforce. Additionally, access control systems are also useful for efficient crowd control. Help businesses to deliver an improved customer service relationship and keep people safe at all times.
When it comes to the success of any organization, a biometric access control system lists as a top security feature that must be taken into consideration. Access control systems that revolve around access can take care of who enters and leaves your facility under your will and understanding. Having knowledge regarding things like these is necessary and that is why we bring to you Mobisat wide variety of Access Control system services.

Door access control system in dubai

We provide door access control systems in UAE that range from single-door stand-alone systems to multi-door access systems to fully-featured integrated solutions for controlling access to multiple facilities with complex requirements.
To manage this, the Concerned Security Personnel will be given Full Control via our Access Control Software. We also have a solution that allows up to a thousand doors to be controlled by a single software over a TCP/IP network. It is appropriate for hotels, large commercial buildings, and so on. We also offer IP-Based Access Control Solutions with Magnetic Locking, as well as Electronic Access Control with Sliding and Swing Doors.
Mobisat has provided secure, user-friendly access control systems to thousands of customers throughout UAE. Mobisat provides the most comprehensive range of options for efficiently opening doors, gates, and more, ranging from early-day smart card technologies like Prox to modern solutions. By evaluating required login credentials such as passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans, security tokens, or other authentication factors, access control systems perform identification, authentication, and authorization of users and entities. Multifactor authentication, which requires two or more authentication factors, is frequently used to protect access control systems as part of a layered defense.

RFID Access Control System

An RFID access control system can be a simple and effective solution. RFID badges can be read from much greater distances than other traditional technologies, and the embedded electronic information for each badge can be repeatedly overwritten. As a result of the increased reading distance, other tracking technologies, such as surveillance cameras, can be activated in conjunction with an employee being in their vicinity. Additionally, multiple RFID badges can be read at the same time. Employee access, attendance, and duties performed can all be easily and efficiently tracked and stored in a database.

RFID Based Vehicle Access Control System UAE

Organizations all over the world are adopting enhanced security provisions in response to the growing need for strong security and safety measures. Vehicles are the most important and vulnerable aspect of daily life, so tracking records of vehicles in parking and in-out locations becomes critical. Furthermore, in order to avoid human errors, automated systems are highly preferred due to the high quality of performance they provide while requiring little human supervision.
RFID-based vehicle access control systems that can be integrated with parking management. Our solution consists of smart card access or UHF (long-range) access control, a Boom Barrier, a Controller, and Access Management. Vehicles are tagged with UHF tags, which are read by a long-range reader up to 12 meters away, and are then integrated with visitors’ parking management software and building management software.

Turnstile Gates in UAE

Turnstiles and speed gates provide effective pedestrian barriers that equip facilities with the highest level of security, from regulating access to authenticating tickets and boarding passes to managing access for staff and visitors. Most of our pedestrian access control solutions in UAE include built-in electronics, anti-panic functionality, and all standard access control management software.
It can be difficult to find security products that exist at the intersection of design and innovation. Many of UAE iconic buildings are secured by turnstiles gates, which are designed with cutting-edge technology. Turnstiles gates are frequently used in lobbies, government buildings, corporate campuses, and university facilities.

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